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So I Did a Thing... or a Few Things: March Milestones

Guess what? I did a thing. Well, actually, I did a few things. Let me catch you up on the whirlwind of excitement that's been happening lately!

First off, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in not just one, but two International Women's Day events. It was an honor to join forces with fellow changemakers and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women everywhere. From empowering speeches to inspiring conversations, these events left me feeling uplifted and motivated to continue empowering women.

But wait, there's more! Drumroll, please... I completed my book! After two years and months of carefully considering how to conclude this memoir, I poured my heart and soul into this project. Witnessing it come to life and now gearing up for an almost sold-out pre-launch event on March 24 is an absolute dream come true. Since I'm nearly at capacity and not everyone can attend in person, I've been asked by a few if I'll be streaming it live.

So, what do you think?

Should I go live from the Golden Square Hotel on March 24?

  • Yes

  • No

If you didn't catch it, I was also spotlighted in the Bendigo Times and labeled as an "Emerging Writer." Oh, I can't wait for my English teacher to hear about this! 📰✨

And that's not all – last year, I launched a new venture with my friend and Golf Pro, Natasha Ainsley-Thomas, and it's been gaining momentum ever since. Meet GolfHER, an online platform dedicated to empowering women through golf, one swing at a time. Our recent partnership with DriveShack in the US marks an exciting milestone, hinting at even bigger things to come and more travel in the future.

With Natasha's expertise in golf and my background in mindset coaching, we set out to welcome 15 new members into our online community and guess what? We ended up more than doubling it, 35 and still growing!! The power of intention, right? Ready to join us on this empowering journey?

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, I also managed to squeeze in a last minute maternity photoshoot. In 40-degree Celsius heat, no less - yes, you read that right! 🌞Despite the sweltering conditions, capturing these precious moments before the arrival of my little one was an experience I'll cherish forever. Here is a sneak peak from the shoot.

Reflecting on these whirlwind days, I'm filled with a sense of gratitude and awe. Life has a funny way of throwing multiple milestones our way at once, perhaps what some would call a quantum leap. However, let me share with you the secret to making significant strides or leaps. It's not about monumental, life-altering actions; rather, it's about the accumulation of your thoughts, habits, and beliefs over time. It's the consistent 1% effort you invest every day. And this is precisely what I teach and embody within The Uplevel Academy.

Each event, whether big or small, has brought its own unique blend of challenges and joys, pushing me to grow and evolve in ways I never thought possible.

So here's to embracing the chaos, celebrating every achievement, and finding beauty in the midst of it all. Whether it's conquering multiple milestones in a single week or simply taking a moment to pause and breathe, remember that you're capable of so much more than you know.

Until next time, keep shining bright and chasing those dreams!

Holly x

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