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Hot off the Press: From Little Miss Bendigo to Emerging Writer - Holly Hayes Featured in Bendigo Times

After attending the inspiring Zonta IWD event alongside my dear friend and inspiration Tiffany Gill, hosted at the All Seasons, just a stone's throw away from cherished childhood memories spent with my Nan and Pa on McIvor Road, I received an unexpected call from the Bendigo Times, who interviewed me on the spot.

I vividly recall setting a clear intention on the drive to the event: 'Meet someone who will help get your story out there.' Little did I know, I'd encounter multiple pivotal women that day. The journey has only just begun; I mean, I just finished writing the book last week – talk about leaving it to the last minute! But hey, sometimes that's when the magic happens.

Reflecting on my journey from Bendigo Miss Junior Showgirl 1995 to this incredible exposure with the Bendigo Times, I'm reminded of the unwavering support of my nan, who took me to all those baby shows & pageants. Her love and encouragement have been my guiding light. Thank you, Nan! 🙏🪽

I retired from my pageant career in the 90s and have now been named “Emerging Writer.”

This is crazy. 😂

If you haven't already, RSVP to the free pre-launch event on March 24 at the Golden Square Hotel as it's almost sold out!



Special thanks to Alicia S. Cook and the Bendigo Times for featuring my story.

Read the full article here

Stay tuned for more exciting updates – this is just the beginning!

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