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The Secret is Out: There's a Bun in the Oven!

I've been keeping a little secret, but I just can't contain the excitement any longer. The cat's out of the bag, and I'm thrilled to finally share it with all of you: there's a bun in the oven!

Yes, you read that right – I'm pregnant!

Oh boy, life is about to change. My baby has already caught the travel bug, having journeyed with me to places like LA, Ireland, Italy, Texas, North Carolina, Dubai, and Australia. Life is on the brink of a remarkable transformation, filled with anticipation and joy!

Life has been incredibly exciting lately, with so much happening on all fronts. Not only am I eagerly anticipating the arrival of my little boy, but I'm also gearing up for some other big events in my life.

First up, mark your calendars because my forthcoming memoir 'Looking Forward, Looking Back' is set to be released on April 1st! I've been pouring my heart and soul into this project, and I can't wait to share my story with the world. But before that, I'm busy preparing for the pre-launch event on March 24th – it's going to be a day to remember!

In addition to all of that, I have two exciting events coming up this week in honor of International Women's Day. It's such an important occasion, and I'm honored to have been invited to be a part of the celebrations in both Bendigo & Werribee.

And let's not forget about The UPLEVEL Academy – it's thriving! I'm so proud of the progress we've made and the impact we're having on people's lives. It's truly inspiring to see the positive changes taking place in my client's lives.

So, what can you expect from this blog in the coming months? Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of updates, insights, and manifestation stories! As a soon-to-be mum navigating massive expansion in both business and life, I'm excited to share this journey with you.

The Future is Exciting,

Holly x

P.S. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the release of the book – April 1. And if you haven't already, be sure to check out The UPLEVEL Academy – it's where magic happens.

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