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Expand Your Vision & Shift Your Reality 

Are you ready to discover your WHY, identify your TARGET and play FULL-OUT in order to step into your power and dream life? 

We will uncover your UNIQUE vision & mission and create daily actionable steps you can take to TRIPLE your ability to manifest your desires

Whether you know exactly what you want, or your path hasn't yet been made clear. This workshop will open your mind and your eyes in a way you can't yet imagine. 



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LIVE May Workshop $88 CAD

North America 
Sunday, May 8 & Monday, May 9, 2022 

4pm PST 7pm EST 


Monday, May 9  & Tuesday, May 10, 2022 

9am Melbourne Time 

2x 1.5hr session LIVE on zoom set to ignite a fire within you! (recording available.)
!Grow-work task to complete in between workshops while the creativity is flowing 
Guided Meditation Recording. (specific to this workshop.) 
.BONUS! Follow up One-to-One Clarity call with Holly post-event
Stanley Park .jpg
Image by Dirk Sebregts

What Clients Say

"Holly put together an amazing workshop for my friend and I, focusing on our mission and vision for 2022. She had so many thoughtful and valuable tools for us to use to make our vision boards. She followed up by sharing her awesome slides with us and we’re getting a check-in call soon to see how what we’ve learned is being used so far in our goal setting. Can’t wait to report back how much I’m loving the mind movies and daily rituals she taught me! Can’t recommend Holly enough!" - KRISTEN C

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