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hello, I'm Holly!

I'm a Motivational Coach, Mindset & Manifestation Expert, Energy Healer, Human Design Specialist and International Speaker.

"The power to unveil the ultimate version of YOU begins when YOU embrace your unique design."

I guide you to unlock your individual energetic blueprint, believe in your innate power, and magnetize success—all rooted in alignment with your Human Design.

My mission is to guide and support as many individuals as possible in unlocking their true potential, dismantling limiting beliefs, and initiating the journey towards the life they've only envisioned.

Do you believe in the possibility of living the life you dream of? Because I wholeheartedly do!

The key to reaching that destination is taking action.

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Discovery Call

Got a question? Feeling stuck? Need help? Maybe a little inspiration?

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times and that's ok.

Let's connect.

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The Uplevel Academy

Welcome to The Uplevel Academy, a journey beyond conventional teachings. I equip you with the tools to empower you with the knowledge needed to manifest the life you desire, offering insight that is tried, tested, and tailored to help you achieve your dreams. 

Public Speaking

I am dedicated to inspiring others through keynote speaking helping you empower your mindset and manifest dreams with evidence-based strategies.

I cannot wait to present my latest book 'Looking Forward, Looking Back'

to the world.

As a Human Design Mentor, Mindset Alchemist, Energy Expert, and the Founder of The Uplevel Academy, I am driven by a mission to help individuals like you embrace authenticity, rewrite limiting narratives, and access the ancient wisdom rooted in Human Design to manifest dreams that currently feel out of reach. My purpose revolves around revealing that the only obstacle in your path is the self-imposed limitations you hold. Together, let's break down those barriers and unveil what's truly possible because what you desire is destined for you!


At The Uplevel Academy, we are dedicated to providing you with transformative tools, strategies, and teachings that serve as pathways to unleash your unlimited potential. Join me on this journey as we delve into the depths of your potential, empowering you to manifest the reality you desire and deserve! 

Motivational Coaching

This is your gateway to...

Getting unstuck and rewiring your thinking. 

Learning to challenge your thoughts, and replace negative self-talk with gratitude and optimism. 

Believing in yourself and improving your confidence. 

Tapping into your full potential, improving productivity, and finding solutions to your problems. 

Becoming more resilient and better able to manage stress and uncertainty.

Breaking down old paradigm thinking and creating more innovative solutions for your future. 

Set bigger goals and feel more inspired to take action.  

Cultivating a growth mindset and challenging yourself every day.

Igniting your unique energy and learn how to work smarter, not harder to attract your desires.

Join me at The Uplevel Academy and let's embark on this transformative journey together toward manifesting the life you've longed dreamed for.

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Surprise. I wrote a book!

'Looking Forward, Looking Back' is now available worldwide on Amazon in Kindle or print versions.


Guess what! I don't just write books...

My passion for sharing stories, knowledge, and inspiration extends beyond the pages of my book. If you want to stay in the loop and be the first to know when I publish new blogs, sign up for my alerts now!

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