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Center Your Soul...Find Your Rhythm & Flow 
Live Online Workshop
Canada & USA June 30 @ 3pm Pacific Time | Australia July 1 @ 8am Eastern Time 

"You deserve a life that fulfils you! When you access your unique energy, start believing in yourself and flow with the rhythm of your own beat you can become a magnet to success. All you need to do is leverage what is already found inside yourself." - Holly Hayes 

Your Workshop Host, Holly Hayes! 

I believe we all have a rhythm that allows us to flow or resist as we move through our day.


When you raise your vibration you will open yourself up to more abundance. 


You are more in control than you realize. 


Let me teach you how to take back control of your frequency and become more intentional as you step into your dream life! 

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What is included? 

2-hour live interactive workshop hosted by Holly Hayes where you will learn: 

✓ Centering your soul exercises, rituals and routines 

✓ How we block abundance, get in our own way and hold ourselves back 

✓ How to truly embody alignment through your rhythm

✓How to improve your flow & get unstuck if you're in a rut 

✓ How to use your frequency and vibration to attract your desires 

✓ Trusting the timing of your life and letting go of resistance 

✓ How to uncover & access your unique energy

Grow Work Task & Accountability follow up including a BONUS 1:1 Clarity Call & QnA after the session

The session will also be recorded live 

The Future is Exciting! 

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